UNI-EN 15635

The UNI-ENI 15635 regulation "Systems of static inox stocking, use and servicing of the storage equipments"

Entered into force from the 2008, it highlighted the responsability of the storehouse user to let run every year an inspection of the machinery from a qualified expert

Description of the European Regulamentation:

List of the main item imposed by the regulamentation concerning the security of the storehouse:
Inspection of the general status by specialized technicians not overcoming 12 months.
2. Classification of potential acts to realize: GREEN RISK - YELLOW RISK - RED RISK
3. Report of the inspection memorandum and compilation of a periodical inspection plans.

Description of our work:

Our qualified techical experts will carry out a strict inspection checking:
1. General status of shelving,
2. Good status of the used pallet,
3. Conformity of machinery loal levels, to the reach trolleys,
4. Existence and visibility of reach trolleys,
5. Technical check of the shelving (fixing-levelling-equipment),
6. Check of the damages and condition of efficiency,
7. Floor condition,
8. Information and training course of the company manager.